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Viewer for your 3D model and data

UniversalPlantViewer is a simple and easy viewer. As viewing is free, you can provide access to the 3D model for all project stakeholders. It works on mobile devices and computers running Windows, iOS, and Android.


Easy to use

Free and easy viewing brings models to a wider audience. There is no specialist software needed. No training requirement – ideal for infrequent users.


Save time

Save time, costs and rework through a better understanding and clearer communication. This also results in a reduction of engineering queries.


Visualise data

Use simple Excel sheets to visualise data in the 3D model

Created for optimal plant design

UniversalPlantViewer was designed to enhance collaboration and optimise your entire plant design process. Connecting the office to the field, it enables you to access your models on any mobile device. The viewer supports both online and offline use; it allows you to colourise objects based on attributes and hierarchy.

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Model access


All stakeholders should have access to the same up-to-date model and the model should also be available offline.


UniversalPlantViewer allows all stakeholders to access the model from a central source (e.g. intranet server) and a download to the local device is possible (i.e. offline mode).

Joint reviews


Joint model reviews by EPCs and Owner-Operators (to check the design progress, clashes, etc.) should be easy for both sides.


UniversalPlantViewer supports several source systems and hardware and software platforms, providing the necessary flexibility to help ensure successful joint model reviews by EPCs and Owner-Operators. Additionally, the content of the viewer session can be restricted in several ways to protect your IP.

Easy reviews


Pipelines need to be reviewed in a convenient way


UniversalPlantViewer allows you to follow a pipeline step-by-step, the pipeline can also be cropped out and colourised (e.g. based on the fluid code) conveniently.

Read isometric drawings


Interpreting isometrics can sometimes be difficult.


In UniversalPlantViewer the Isometric drawings can be linked to the 3D model on the part level so that interpreting these drawings on-site becomes easier.

Tutorial |  Learn more about the UniversalPlantViewer


We improved the navigation and viewing function for a better user experience. There are some changes which make the usability more comfortable. You can now zoom in the model wherever your mouse points to instead of just zooming into the middle of the screen. This is of particular benefit for the mobile user. It also now shows a 2D overview of the model in a mini map, which allows the user to adjust the view direction.

Clipping modes

We have developed a new function for our clipping modes. Predefined clipping volumes are now available for box clipping, intelli-clipping and inverse clipping. The administrator can set up clipping volumes to select sections of the model. The clipping volumes behave like the integrated box clipping.

Updated measuring functionality

The user can now place measurement lines in the model and then easily move the end markers to any object. The markers will snap to corners and edges. The measurement line will display the total distance as well as the distance in all main directions. The user can also add additional measurement lines.

Colour file

To improve the colouring funcionality, we added Excel as an input format. The colour can be chosen by a hexadecimal color code like before, or by simply using the background colour of an Excel cell. This allows you a faster and more efficient method of choosing your colouring.

Simple reporting

We also improved our reporting function, you can choose on whichever attribute you want to report. The report is created in the Excel format. Reports are only created for the visible parts of the project, which allows the user to create reports per selected area.

Double sided isometrics

UniversalPlantViewer is now able to generate so-called “double sided isometrics”, which are PDF files providing the standard isometric drawing, together with a special 3D view of the same elements as are in the isometric drawing. On the special 3D view the rest of the model is greyed out to ensure a good view of the highlighted objects.

Save and load objects

To improve the user experience, we also introduced a “Save” and “Load” function, so that the user can save/load selected objects to/from disc. Loaded objects can be placed anywhere in the plant.

Search functions

To find or select the objects or parts you need, you can search for the object inside the UniversalPlantViewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got a review tool already. Why should I try UniversalPlantViewer?

  • UniversalPlantViewer was specifically designed for the Plant Design Industry; it can handle huge plants even on mobile devices and allows streaming as well as local usage.
  • You can link 2D documents, do 3D sketches, create centralised comments and much more…

Why is UniversalPlantViewer going to save me time?

UniversalPlantViewer was designed to keep things simple: with its intuitive GUI it makes it easy to review a ship or plant: you will find all information at your fingertips and you will be able to track all issues with the plant directly in UniversalPlantViewer. UniversalPlantViewer allows you to review your plant on your desktop and on most mobile devices.

What happens to the comments and colouring, if I send a commented ‘view’ to a colleague by e-mail, but then model is updated before my colleague gets to look at the view I sent. Couldn’t the comments and colouring in the view I sent, then be out of date?

No, as long as the OID (object identifier) has not changed, the comments will still be visible.

Can I use a combination of different model formats in the same 3D model – for example AutoCAD, PDMS and Smart 3D all in the same model in UniversalPlantViewer?

Yes, definitely.

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